Our Craft

We love to create compelling stories in digital ways that communicate, educate and entertain through technology.

The rapidly advancing nature of emerging experiential technologies means the possibilities for digital communication are constantly extended. Eye Candy takes advantage of this and develops individual products, and suites of complimentary products, to the advantage of our clients.

Eye Candy can creatively communicate your messages through apps and interactives. The advantages of interactivity in producing effective communication are well documented. If an audience is interacting it is engaged, if an audience is engaged your message is being communicated and your required outcomes are being delivered.

As communication delivery devices, Augmented and Virtual Reality present limitless possibilities. Augmented Reality (AR) is a digitally enhanced view of the real world. It places layers of real-time digital information and interactivity over the real world and, in this way, adds a truly exciting depth and immersive nature to any communication experience. Content delivered in this way provokes an emotional response and prolonged impact.

Where appropriate Virtual Reality is an equally effective communication device. It differs from AR in that it replaces the user’s world with a fully simulated one.

Large scale projection is another great content delivery device. Eye Candy produced content for the “largest projection mapping project” (Guinness Book of World Records). The impact of this content execution can’t be overstated. It is just wow!

Whatever the delivery device, we are dedicated to the art of animation.

We can develop a complete beautifully animated product, from concept and script development through the processes of animation, lighting, texturing, rendering, audio and post. Alternatively, we can grab your creative vision or technical requirements at any stage of development and run with it passionately.

Our animation styles are as diverse as the technology we employ for their delivery. We take pride in creating depth in our work and audiences are often surprised to find it is produced with the use of computers. We are artists and professionals and as such, technology is simply the tool we employ to create our professional and creatively rich art.

Visual effects are another tool in the Eye Candy arsenal. The visual effects process involves the gathering of onsite data and footage and the seamless integration of computer generated models, animation, particles and lighting. Eye Candy’s visual effects have to be seen to be believed but they are not seen and/or believed when they shouldn’t be.

What are you wanting to do and say? With the increasing penetration of mobile and computing devices like smartphones and tablets, the popularity of social media and the increasingly digital savvy public…the time is now. So whatever it is, let us help you do and say it great!